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Visual Thinking Workshop - February 16th 2019

Visual Thinking Workshop - February 16th 2019


Next Workshop - February 16th 2019

Visual Thinking and Graphic Recording is the translation of presentations, conversations and concepts into illustrative works that can tell a story clearly and simply. We as humans are much more likely to remember new information when it’s told as a story, as opposed to listening to facts and figures. In drawing out your ideas, you can create a visual narrative with flow and value. The combination of images and words create a map of key themes and ideas presented in an engaging way. This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to expand the way they communicate in the workspace, pitch ideas or concepts and enhance their skillset (plus it looks great on the resume!)


  • 3 hrs

  • $250 (inc. GST)

This workshop is an interactive, energetic and hands on session that covers how to provide clear lettering, what artistic tools to use, penmanship and how to draw icons and people. The session will cover basic skills involved in successfully capturing and presenting ideas visually and laying out your concept in a clear, balanced and visually engaging way. Participants will get the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills into practice and developing their own concepts from content.

•All materials provided

•’Visual Thinking Drawing Guide’ to take home

About the Workshop Host:

Jimmy is an experienced illustrator and graphic recorder based in Brisbane, Australia. He has worked around the world as a creative consultant working with, banks, charities, zoos, healthcare and government departments.

Workshop requires a minimum of 5 to proceed and maximum of 20 people to run the day. Should the minimum not be met you will be credited for the next session you can attend. This workshop is for those aged 17 or over.

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