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Graphic recording, or graphic facilitation, or scribing, or infodoodling is a compelling visual summary of a conversation or presentation. A conversation map. I am live in the room drawing as the presenter speaks. 

Jimmy Patch Illustration offers full graphic recording services. We can come and graphically record any session, presentation, discussion or meeting. From many years of experience in graphic recording, Jimmy Patch Illustration are leaders in this field and can help any business to tell their story through engaging visual illustrations. With a focus on content first, we aim to graphically record your session as accurately and as engaging as possible.

Our process is simple, we listen to what you have to say and put it into a visual narrative that you can engage with on the day and for years to come. We capture in real time and aim to have your final images cleaned, colourised (to you businesses palette), logos added and content spell checked by the following morning! Our graphic recording is done digitally onto iPads that is then projected in the room for all participants to see. By capturing in digital we provide a clean, easily editable and high definition output. To find out more about our process, click here

Graphic Recording NT Government
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Graphic Recording NT Government
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