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Time to Create

In entering into a new project it’s easy to jump quickly to the logistics. Establishing when a deadline is, what restrictions we have and how the project will actually come together, is generally where we’ll begin. It’s an unfortunate situation and seems to happen often.

When given a problem, our human instinct is to solve it, and solve it quickly. From our individual experience and expertise, we might have the ability to work quickly and effectively to make this happen. But are we achieving the best results? Most industries are adapting to fast paced change. There are definitely benefits to this change, however the creative process can be compromised.

Creativity is a fickle and unpredictable concept. It cannot be forced. It needs time to grow, experiment, fail and eventually bloom. In working through a creative process, we can discover a multitude of options and unique outcomes that lead to an unexpected solution to our problem. Speed is good but quality is better. Exploration and creativity live close to one another and feed off what is discovered.

Not thinking is underrated. New ideas and creations have come from opportunities to sit and stare. By giving ourselves time to sit undistracted we can develop greatness. Just think of the moments you have come up with that great idea before going to sleep or having a shower. These are the moments when you’re undistracted and not connected to a thought. The creative process works in much the same way. By allowing a respectable amount of time for the process to evolve on its own through experimentation and research, we can create unique and inspiring solutions.

The restrictions and logistics involved in solving a problem will always be there. The creative exploration will not. Once we get started heading in a certain direction based on the restrictions, we have already missed the opportunity to be creative. Expanding our understanding and expectations of where we can go with the project from the beginning, will give us the opportunity to refine and produce a viable solution. The restrictions will still be waiting for us there at the end.

We have great opportunities to create, explore and develop the next new solution. By allowing some additional time to do this, our solutions will have grandeur and create a path to more inspired thinking.

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