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Using Stories to Communicate

We tell stories every day. To the people around us, to those we know and those we don't know. We even tell ourselves stories, admit it, you do. Why do we do this? Day in day out since the beginning of communication we have used stories to evaluate situations, to discover meaning and to make a point.

As  illustrators and animators we are gifted with the opportunity to help tell these stories and are mostly limitless by the means in which we do (timeframes, however, can be slightly restrictive). Allowing your story to be told by means of illustration and animation lets the audience engage with a dynamic and engaging format that can be told in the style of your voice.

We recently engaged with Wounds Australia to create a series of videos that communicate the importance of treating and identifying wounds quickly to avoid future health issues. The way we decided to communicate this detailed medical information, is to create three individual stories about three individual people. The stories take the viewer on a 1 minute journey through the main characters experience in dealing with an injury.

If we had of presented these animations as a series of points, the information would most likely be retained and then forgotten. By creating characters that live, breath and have feelings, those who view will be more inclined to follow their journey and remember their plight.

By delving more into story and creating a series of relatable events, we can engage our viewers and help them to understand our message. Even if it's only for one minute!

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