Jimmy patch
Creative Thinking and Storytelling
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Jimmy Patch Illustration is a creative and story driven organisation offering illustration, graphic recording and animation options. Check out some of our previous clients!




I am a visual communicator and artist specialising in illustration, graphic recording, animation and creating strong characters and stories. I have worked with a diverse range of clients all around the world, helping them to use visual communication to engage with internal and external audiences. Years of creative exploration, running interactive workshops and being a graphic practitioner in a variety of industries has enabled me to see the results of strong stories in visuals and help to bring teams onto the same page. Whether it’s an internal infographic or a detailed comic universe to create, I’m always ready to take on a creative challenge when it arises and find a unique solution. When I'm not out chasing sea monsters or trekking through unknown wilderness battling barbarians, I enjoy a fine whiskey with a good record playing nearby on loud.




I’m Casey, a specialist in the areas of project management, logistics and the large scope workings of Jimmy Patch Illustration. I’m most likely the person you’ll be chatting to for all your project needs. My experience in administration, event management and even vet nursing has given me a unique skill set that allows me to give our clients the best and most efficient experience they can have. We are storytellers here at Jimmy Patch Illustration and I ensure to give our clients an opportunity to tell a great story of their experience with us. When I’m not up to my neck watching Disney movies, I am out for a walk with my poodle Ralphie or indulging in some captivating reads whilst sipping on a chilled Rose.