Jimmy patch
Illustration & Graphic Facilitation



Digital Illustration Workshop (Beginners)

25 October 6:30pm

This workshop will offer beginners an interactive look at using this unrestrictive tool to create digital artworks all done using hand drawing. Jimmy will take you from constructing your initial concept sketch to adding layer upon layer of detail, colour and texture to your piece. You will be working using Photoshop to create a piece of your choosing from start to finish.

This workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to transition from traditional media to digital, those with some knowledge of Photoshop but wanting to learn more about painting and any amateur concept artists, comic artists or fantasy artists wanting to tackle the digital illustration world.


Pens 'n' Pints Workshop

9 November 6:30

Pens and Pints is an opportunity to draw unique concepts and drink delicious beers all within the same space and time frame. This session will kick off with some drawing tips, techniques and styles from an illustrator and then open up to just draw, drink and chat while getting any help that you might need. This very open session is for anyone of any skill set to come and hang out whilst flexing your drawing hand as well as your drinking hand.

Pens by Ironlak and beers by Young Henrys


Graphic Recording Workshop (Beginners)

14 November 6:30pm

In this workshop you will learn the basic skills involved in successfully capturing ideas visually using illustrations, icons, fonts and different layouts. The skill of graphic recording and visual thinking helps to communicate your message or the message of a speaker in a fluent and captivating way. By using the skills in this workshop, you can apply this method to any conditions, whether it be in the office, to enhance a presentation or to simply capture a valuable message.

The workshop will cover what tools to use, penmanship, how to draw basic icons and fonts, and how to make the space work and appear neat and clear.