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Illustration & Graphic Facilitation

Terms and Conditions




Illustration costs are provided on an individual quote basis. Each illustration project is unique and will therefore be quoted accordingly. Please understand that quoted prices are non-negotiable and are competitive with the industry standard. Illustration projects include, but are not limited to: individual drawings or digital illustrations, concept art, books covers, character design, rich picture presentations and illustrated infographics. Prices are based on industry standard, time put into work, edit cycles and skill set. What is considered to be an illustration job is at the discretion of Jimmy Patch.


Graphic recording rates are based on a daily rate (maximum daily hours: 10). The only exception is a project of 3hrs or less. This will be charged at a half day rate. This rate is not applicable if job is anywhere 10km outside of Brisbane. The daily rate includes live graphical recording and all materials excluding foam board or projector. Digitisation and cleaning, digital colouring of work to be used in email or presentation pieces is an additional post production cost. Foamboard will be provided at an additional cost per board, all other tools will be supplied (pens and technology). Graphic Recording rates are based on a whole day rate and cannot be broken down into individual hours. What is considered to be a Graphic Recording job is at the discretion of Jimmy Patch.


Communication Illustrations are used to promote and present a concept or story using illustration. These are priced on an individual cost basis.


Prices quoted for any job do not always include further expenses required to complete the job that may arise. These include but are not limited to: travel costs, accommodation costs, ground transfers, hiring of venues and spaces, hiring of whiteboards, purchase of foam board, paper or cardboard, purchase of fonts, website subscriptions etc. 


All events or projects more than 10km from the Brisbane CBD will incur travel costs (either taxi or petrol p/km). All interstate, international or rural events will need to provide return flights from Brisbane, accommodation and all ground transfers. Flights must be booked with Qantas. Accommodation must be a minimum of 3 stars and an unshared room/bathroom.


Please let me know if you would not like me to include the work from your engagement on my website or social media pages. Should a confidentiality agreement be signed between Jimmy Patch and you, the client, the work will remain confidential.


Edits on illustrations, communication illustrations, illustrated documentary videos are limited to 2 edit cycles. This may be increased prior to or after quote has been agreed but will incur further charges. Live graphic recording post production has no edit cycles included in the price.


All illustrations created at events or in the studio are approved for use on your website galleries, mail outs, social media, etc. It would be appreciated to reference Jimmy Patch Illustration’s website or Facebook when doing so. Illustrations are NOT approved for use in your or any other organisation’s marketing collateral, packaging, or resale of any kind without prior agreement with Jimmy Patch. Illustrations and works must NOT be altered or edited in any way following the completion of the project by anyone but Jimmy Patch. Edits requested after the job has been completed, will incur further charges.


Once the project has been confirmed, cancellations made more than 14 days prior to the agreed start date will not attract any fee. Cancellations within 14 days will be required to pay 50% of the agreed fee. Cancellations within 7 days will be required to pay the fee in full.


All projects that receive an initial quote, are subject to change once the project commences. The initial quote is an estimate and is not a binding price. Should there be an adjustment in cost, Jimmy Patch will notify you as soon as can be arranged.


It is the responsibility of Jimmy Patch and you, the client, to ensure that a level of professionalism is upheld through out the duration of the project. Jimmy Patch reserves the right to terminate the project due to lack of communication, unsuitability of tasks requested, hostility, displeasure with stylisation, artists interpretation of concept or other non specified reasons. The full cost will be required to be paid in full and the job will be terminated.


Should you wish to book the services of Jimmy Patch Illustration on a date, but cannot provide full confirmation, this date will be held for 48. After this period, that date becomes available to other clients. Should another client request the same date within the 48 hour hold period, you will be contact and given until close of business on that day to confirm the job, otherwise it will be open to other clients.


Payment is to be made 14 days from date of invoice, payable via direct bank transfer only. Should you fail to make payment by this time, additional fees will be added and a new invoice will be issued. Credit card payments can be made upon request, but will attract an additional fee.


Copyright in the Artwork shall at all times remain with the Illustrator, unless the Illustrator agrees to, and signs, an Assignment of Copyright. All rights not expressly granted or detailed separately in writing and signed by the Illustrator, are reserved to the Illustrator; including, but not limited to, all intellectual property rights in the Artwork, sketches, or other preliminary workings. The ownership of the Artwork, including sketches and other preliminary workings, shall at all times remain with the Illustrator, unless detailed separately in writing and signed by the Illustrator. The Illustrator grants to The Client an exclusive license for first publication of the Artwork for a period of 2 years from the delivery date of that Artwork, unless otherwise agreed in contract form, upon receipt of full payment.


You, the client, agree to pay the quoted amount as stated in alignment with my pricing guidelines and payment terms. Should you not be able to meet this deadline, additional fees will be incurred.